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 the little dark space.

chapter 1- afterwords

As you may have noticed, this is again not a continuing storyline. Thee means, in a manner of speaking, i did not get over to the artists house for the backups. In another way? I decided that even if i get there tomorrow, or the next day, i will not be updating them until monday.

On a happy spiffy note! We just got more fanart! It is sooooooo kewl! When the jena-thing gets back, we will see about how and where it's home shall be, but i will tell you true, it's very very spiffy. Thank you Raye-chan!

and this is where i will leave you for tonight. i am working on somehting nice and spiffy for friday, but it may go the way of all clever things i attempt in these little rant spaces. and by that i mean into the potty place. the potty place of DOOOOOOM.



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