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 the little dark space.

chapter 1- afterwords


ok. so. i am a moron.

hear me out on this one. as you know if you read the livejournal, the artist will be out of the country for a couple of days (10, actually). now, we have this really funny, kinda cute, kinda pointless strip that we meant to upload whilst she was gone, so we would have plenty of comics to upload in her absense.

i, being a kind and trusting soul, went to open them up in my trusty photoshop, in order to save them as a smaller file, so that we do not crash our webspace. at which point i find that the files are corrupted and will not open.


so...we may have a silly little problem. i think i can go over to the artists house while she is away, and borrow the hardcopy she has left there, and all of this will be solved soon, but the other silly little thing is i got, while i was in my little vacation, something i am referring to as "dos death flu". which hasn't been as bad as is could be, but is still bad enough that i really don't want to do anything but go to work and sleep. and update the comic of course.

so, the strips over the next three days may be interesting. if i cannot get over to the artist's backup, or if by some hand of fate thing her backup is also corrupt, there will be three random comics this week, and next week we will update 5 times. with a series jena and i have decided on called "torment the readers/nicodemus and naim shippers/most people week". but again, with the not necessarly promising.

and on a lighter note? my clock glows red when you throw it against the wall. the end.



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