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 the little dark space.

chapter 1- afterwords

jena comes back today. hopefully.

and more fanart has come in! and i have absolutely no way to put it up in our gallery! but it should get updated towards the end of the week, in that way that it does.

now, i had this thought today. about nicodemus, ikku, naim, kelsi and a karaoke bar. and by bar, i mean those little things in japan that school girls go to after school to sing and have snacks. in this thought, i one day hope to film a small radio show, with various characters cast, depicting this crazy idea, but just so all y'all get some kind of excitment about this, imagine if you will the three of them picking songs that they are sure will embaress the fourth one, and haveing all of them sing the songs the other three have picked. i find these thoughts funny, as i cannot imagine the song that would embaress naim.

blah de blah, and in the face of the food, that you walk into the night of the scene, and under the little spam like fawns crawling into the light happy cereal fire and soda and pop mail and when you lick the spoon it tastes like candy.






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