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 the little dark space.

chapter 1- afterwords

two announcements for the today:

first off, starting monday will be the quasi-annual "TORMENT THE READERS WEEK"! We will be updating everyweekday next week, mon-fri, in order to bring you the maximum amount of comicy goodness. and happy fun times also.

secondly, in honor of our first anniversary, we are having "They DO exist, Fanworks Competition!"

we will have much more information about his on monday, but here it is in brief: you send us fanworks. we judge them, using catagories such as "jena cried" or "betsy fell out of the chair laughing". 4 first prizes include on graphic novel and a signed copy of queues issue one and two, as well as a chibi of choice. 4 runners up will get copies of queues issue one and two. this contest will run until july 11, our one year anniversary! in preparation for this, we will go to an everyday update schedual on the 29, going all the way to the end! yay! any fanwork is welcome, but orignial content is preferred. anything already given can be submitted retroactivly, just drop us a note saying that is what you would like to do. but if you wonder about more of the details? a contest page will be put up on monday. with all the details you could ever want.

so yes, exciting things are coming. be sure to check back next week, every week day, to catch the thrilling saga. until then, look out for bears. they are tricksy.





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