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 the little dark space.

chapter 1- afterwords

yay! torment the readers week has started! everyday updates until next monday.

so yeah. i think i may have had something meanful to say, but instead, i will gush about live action sailor moon. which in no way makes me a pansy. i promise.

you see, as it becomes evident, i like anime. and manga. so the idea of making a live action series, based on one of those, keeps possiblities of one day having a uc television show alive. and that they also have young, attractive japanese girls and boys bouncing around in near to no clothing. which i think is spiffy. ha ha!

so yeah. it messes with neither naim's nor nicodemus's masculinity to be watching that. unless of course you want to question mine. and with that, i sign off.






  the artist's box


chapter 1- afterwords

Wooh, two rant boxes at once! Feel the love? Feel the special? *dances*

Umm, I would just like to say about today's (and the coming week's worth of) comics... Betsy-sama made me do it. SHE is the evil one. Not I! I am a bearer! I am a messenger! I am a dwelling!

Umm... and that paragraph totally made sense. I promise. (no really, not the sarcasm, you just have to be a complete geek to see it... not that all brands of 'complete geek' WILL see it, but if you do then you're a geek and you're shiny).

And enter our contest! It will make us happy beyond reason, and making us happy is a GOOD thing. When we're happy it makes us all inspired and shit. Yeah.

Gonna shut up now.

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