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chapter 7

*scratches head* I just realized that somewhere along the line the vote-buttons at the bottom of the page disappeared... how long has THAT been going on? Hmmm, well I bet we're not doing so hot in the rankings this month. *sheepish grin*

I won't be able to fix that until I'm back on the computer that actually HAS those sites bookmarked (not to mention the sign in information so I can actually copy and paste the appropriate HTML codes) and actual button images. A couple more days can't hurt anymore than we're already hurting most likely. Ah well.

Yes, we're still playing in the wrong season. This is the only other winter-time setting strip for the moment (I would say "until we reach winter in canon", but I have a feeling once it's snowing in MY life again, it will probably transfer to any silly antics the characters happen to be partaking in--and what with the living in Minnesota? I make no guarantees).



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