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 the artist's boxs

chapter 7

Congratulations, all, you get your Friday update CRAZY early. Like middle-of-the-day on Thursday early. For two reasons. 1) I don't have internet in my apartment yet and will be up THERE tonight. 2) the internet here at my family's house is futzing the hell out lately this week, so I want to do the update while I HAVE access.

But I figure, as webcomic transgressions go, updating too early probably doesn't even fall on the chart. I hope. I'm not going to apologize for it at any rate. That would be silly.

I bought THE coolest set of wine glasses I've ever SEEN yesterday. At Goodwill. I now officially love my kitchen (which probably means I ought to finish assembling the damn thing... nothing's actually IN cupboards yet... *grown*)

(And yes, Ikku's middle name IS in fact Percival *glee*)



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