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 the little dark space.

chapter 1- afterwords

thanks to everyone who has entered the fan-works contest! it seems like every day we are opening our little inbox to find new shinies.

but just so others who hope to enter don't get the wrong idea, please keep sending things in! it's like...why have one pony, when you could have a farm of ponies! and we'll share each and every pony! pony rides for everyone!*


*may not contain actually pony. author may in fact just be trying to suck up and say something witty. if you have caught one such author in doing this, please politely and quietly back away, and move your cursor to either the back button, or one of the vote buttons below. the act of sending fan works has been know to lessen such outbursts. for the sake of the kittens, send anything you have in. void were prohibited by law.






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