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 the little dark space.

chapter 1- afterwords

and on this episode of the comic that we find that the artist is LAZY.

but that is ok. i like the coloring stuff, and this was kinda fun.

this comic may very well be a little random, but i am ok with that. and i have the shirt in question. we made it like a wombat protects the world.






 the artist speaks


chapter 1- afterwords

And today we celebrate the magic of "Betsy-colors-the-strip" day! *dances* I threw the splash page thing together with fun-fun filters in photoshop. But Betsy-sama did all the real work for me.

And it's shiny. If I were more easily frustrated with coloring, and if the great and powerful Betsy-sama had something resembling time for such things, I would totally whine at her until she agreed to color them all. Or until she smacked me in the head. One of them two.

And by the by, the contest thing? That is now done? I just have to say, wow you guys rock our collective FACE off! I was blown away with the amounts of complete and utter shiny we've received! Holy-fricking-wonderful-WOW! *dances s'more*

And what the preceding paragraph MEANT to say, was thank you all so much! I think I will leave the making sense to Betsy-sama for tonight, however. And be dones.

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