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 Jena's Box

And thus begins the actual strip... forgive me if some of the art's not so impressive... many of these were drawn months ago, so I'm not so happy with some of 'em anymore.  It is OKAY!!!  I will be strong, and NOT ridicule my past works!  I'll just be a good little pocket-artist and sit in my corner and draw the new strips... like those ones that've been meaning to get done since April... and the one bit for the prologue once we've finished playing with the Unchapter.  But I can't talk about that.  Wouldn't want to be giving any spoilers for the serious stuff now, would I?  Nope.  Take it away, Betsy!

 Betsy's little dark space.

so, as jena has mentioned *glare* this is being affectionaly referred to as :

the unchapter

these strips will mostly be the three main charaters (see bios page) interacting in humorous ways. if such things do not please you, well. tough. plot is looming, and it's date of arrival seems to co-incide with jena getting back from spain.


i an unrelated note, you may notice that the male charater in this comic (who, if you may have also noticed, seems to be nameless. how odd. *smirks*) has a shirt on. this shirt has an anime charater on it. this character is Chi, from chobits. jena sort of owns this shirt, but her's is white and chi is smaller. that is all.


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