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 Jena's Box

So yeah.  Life and stuff.  Y'know how I said we were starting the actual strip?  Well we are, but YOU still have to wait awhile before you get to see actual plot.  Betsy's letting me run with the random funniness for awhile, first.  *grin*  I'm working on the prologue and the beginning of chapter one as we "speak," but I ain't sharin'.  Ha. 

 Betsy's little dark space.

the unchapter

this is actually the first UC strip ever drawn. it has Ikku and...that boy...

that is it. look above at the box. you know, the one that says contest. i promise, it will be worth the effort. give us a name. this is getting ridiculous.

anywho, for more up-to-date artist/writier bickering (and yes, there IS bickering) check out the Livejournal

anyway, now back to your regularly schedualed day.


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