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 Jena's Box

Hmm, strip order... the ultimate incarnation of randomness.  We just kind of went... "um, you should come early 'cuz you have names... and you should come later 'cuz we want THIS to happen first... and we should end with you 'cuz you're just cracked...".  Yup.  That's how this was all decided.   

 Betsy's little dark space.

the unchapter

i like random things. this strip for example. very random.

if this strip isn't funny, i'm sorry. it was actually really funny when it was written, and has contiuned to make smiles happen since then. therefor, it's spiffy.

also, the actual quote is "you put the sacrilage with evil statue." in case that extra the throws anybody off.

if i get a happy e-mail from a certain person who is flying off to sapin, we may have a week-end update this time. hehe.


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