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chapter 9

Wooh, god, I'm so wiped I almost forgot to change this text before uploading today's page. Go me. Recycled rants, not something we're above, per se... but I would've felt a little bit silly when Betsy-sama inevitably asked me about it.

First day of my second year of law school: check. I love my Constitutional Law professor. He is a phenomenally entertaining human being, very tongue-in-cheek about everything, very straightforward and realistic about his expectations, and promises not to dock our participation grades if we say stupid things because he'd rather we feel free to openly discuss. In fact, his exact words were:

"I want you to feel free to open your mouth and say the dumbest thing you've ever said, it's not going to affect your grade. It might affect our OPINION of you, but it will not affect your grade."

He has officially earned my respect and adoration as a student. Here's hoping the rest of my profs measure up.



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