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 the little dark space.

chapter 2- after effects

sOk. so, i still have no screen. how does one update a comic without a screen.

leet ninja skills. you heard it here first.

anyway, not much to say, as i can't really update the archives (because leet ninja-ness only goes so far) and i think that it's about time for me to throw somehitng breakable at a wall in frusterastion.

but on a happy note...HAPPY ENDLESS DAY!


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 the artist's box

chapter 2- after effects

Helloooo! *waves* Heh, I know this box has been gone so long it probably looks all strange and unfamiliar and shit. But I have words and stuff, so it's back for at least a moment.

Just wanted to let everyone know that I was a brave little Jena-thing and went in to tackle the archives. See Betsy-sama? I'm useful! *dances* You know... for more than just chibis. Not that you've ever accused otherwise, I just feel the need to vindicate my own existence in some way.

On a computer front, mine's still holding up ok. Which means if you're reading this and you have some positive thoughts to spare, how 'bout directing them towards the author's Satan-possessed monitor? It could be like CareBears! If enough people all over the world help care, maybe we can bring it back from the pink glittery place of doom. *nods*

Or maybe now I'm just stretching it and should leave and shut up. Anyway, if there's anything wrong in the archives this week it's my bad, not Betsy-sama's. And while I'm sure she'll fix such things as soon as she can, if you could maybe report any problems in the LJ somewhere, chances are I'll see it. And fix it. And yeah.




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