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chapter 5- shades of memory

There are days I fully realize exactly how prone to fanatical obsessive tendencies I am. This was one of those days. It's been one of those weeks, actually. And eegad do I need to un-distractify myself and do things like homework and comic-coloring. (I hope to get on that this weekend in fact).

I find it ironic that they can give us a friday off and call it "fall break"... I mean, not that I'm not grateful for the not having class tomorrow, or the lack of Japanese lab this afternoon. But seriously, one day? That's almost not worth the schedule conclusion (but only almost).

And bought a new game today. Called "Let's Kill". It's a card game. In which you kill stick figures in various disturbing and violent ways. Shauna's reading me the directions as I type this. (*waves* Hi, Shauna!) It's gonna be good.

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