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 the little dark space.

chapter 5 - shades of memory

so, i return. it has been quite i month, i tell you true.

first off, my computer died the final death, in that the hardrive filpped out and killed itself. after a long, agonizing process with the computer store, i found that i had to replace it myself (with help of my loving and wonderful brother-in-law and sister), and then reinstall everything on the computer, being very thankful for backups. then i found that the program i had been using to update the comic no longer works with my operating system, so i have to go back the the beginning and just upload the code by hand.

but anyway, i am back. i am employed (yay!), and will be updating the comic again for the forseeable future. thanks to jena for picking up the slack, and for all y'all being patint. soon, i wil return with my crazy, rambly rants. until then, night!



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