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chapter 1- dreams, nightmares and portents


Frustrating thing about finals week: it's usually one of those wonderful weeks in which I want to do nothing but draw stuffs (for other projects as well as UC. Because I'm at my most inspired when I have other shitznit to be doing.

But finals week is also that one week of the semester in which I can't really afford to give in to these urges. There's just not time. Which means I spend the week being frustrated as all crap and whining a lot. Merf.

And isn't today's page a wonderful conclusion to chapter one? Ties up all kinds of loose ends, leaves no unanswered questions, etc. etc...

You'll be releaved to know that chapter 2 is already in the works. I'm doing some preliminary sketchy stuffs, and Betsy's tweaking the finished script (even as I type this most likely). It kind of has to wait 'til I get back from Italy, but I have lots of dead-in-the-airport time ahead of me (both to and from), which theoretically means I'll have more waiting time than I know what to do with. If I don't bring a book to read, chances are I'll get bored and be finished drawing chapter 2 before I even get back into the country. (That still leaves coloring, which takes awhile, but shhhh).

Still tweaking the fanworks section, and I might not be able to get it up before I leave. If I do, you'll most certainly know about it. We've gotten prettiful coloring submissions from a couple people already, and the sooner I get them posted for sharing the better, ne?


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