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Hope nobody minds if I upload the comic a few hours early. I have some essay-age that I've seriously procrastinated on, and I don't trust myself to look at the clock at midnight and remember that I have to update.

Got the gallery updated with the fanworks section now functional. Still not quite happy with what I've done layout-wise for the fanworks page, but it'll do until I'm thoroughly entrenched in the blissful boredom that is summer vacation.

Besides, the layout's not what matters. What matters is the beautiful stuffs people have sent us that lie within that mediocre layout. There's some gorgeous work, and I really hope you take the time to check it out.

I should have spent the afternoon writing stuff up for the Spanish Lit essay final I have at 8am tomorrow... (you know... that procrastination I mentioned...), but I colored comic stuffs instead. Because I love you all that much. *grin*

And I don't love Spanish Literature. So there.

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