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Crossover with 6x9 College!
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chapter 2- after effects

Hello comic-reading people's. And welcome to the terrifying world of the-Jena-thing-updates-the-webcomic-again Land! Betsy-sama's computer is being resurrected as I type this, but it'll be a couple days until she gets it back. Which means I get to deal with updates for the time being.

On a more pleasant, and slightly less terrifying note, today's update marks the beginning of what we've been referring to for the past week as "that which we won't discuss". That's right, we're doing a crossover with 6x9 College. Consider this the dramatic unveiling. *nods* We hope it's as amusing in actuality as it has been in our heads.

I again entreat you to tell me, either through the e-mail link up top or the livejournal, if anything in the archives goes wonky this weekend. I'm going to try not to screw anything up, and to make with the updating and fiddling in a functional manner, but well.... I'm inherently paranoid about my own ineptitude. *cries* So if I screw anything up, please-please-please let me know.




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