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Crossover with 6x9 College!

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chapter 2- after effects

And once again to the crossover setup, and the impending excitement of this visit to the world of of 6x9 College. Yay, dance with me! *dances* Is it too early to update the page? No? Good. 'Cuz I'm the sleepy-sleepy Jena-thing, and this is just the way it's gotta be tonight.

I have the Dirty Dancing soundtrack now. I stole it from my dad. It makes me all sorts of happy, and it puts songs in my head that I then inadvertently sing when I'm riding the elevator up to my dorm room. Oops.

On an even more random note, see this chibi? I drew her for you, loyal readers. She wants you to vote for us on Rocketbox. I'm not saying she'll cry if you don't, but do you really want to risk it? Do you?

And if you missed the Halloween special chibi update, thou may find it here or by clicking the "last comic" button a time or two if you prefer).




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