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Crossover with 6x9 College!
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chapter 2- after effects

Everyone dance with me! I got an A on my big scary Spanish essay! The one analyzing the reality themes in don Quijote, and how they're portrayed and blurred through the characters! The one that I had to write entirely in Spanish! *dances* I'm currently filled with happy feelings of "Yay, I don't suck!"

Other cause for celebration: we only need another 500 votes to make it up to the next spot on Rocketbox, 'cuz you guys rock. Lots. And I promise I won't needlessly plug the votelink next update, but I felt the need to share. Please to forgive the easily exciteable Jena-thing. *nod*

Also, today marks the first day of real crossover, with the characters and the college campus and EVERYthing. So don't forget to follow that link to see 6x9 College's page which immediately follows. Don't miss it. As of typing this I haven't yet seen it, but it's going to kick ass. Lots of it. *decisive nod*

I just realized (again) how neglected the art page of the gallery is, and I'm currently working on fixing that. It will probably still be awhile before it's actually updated, as I'm completely reorganizing and changing how it's set up. But in the meantime, if you've missed any of the pointless mush'n'slash, most of it can be found on my DA Gallery (which can also be found through the links page). In the meantime, the fanworks gallery has seen quite a bit of uupdating this month, so go poke at it if you haven't in awhile. *grins and bounces*


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