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Crossover with 6x9 College!
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chapter 2- after effects

So my tablet drivers (those nifty things that make my coloring tablet thingy work with my computer) have been spontaneously uninstalling themselves all week. This concerns me more than slightly. y'know, since software's theoretically not supposed to be able to uninstall itself.

And either I'm losing it or I'm getting a little better at reading this damn novel, 'cuz the last chapter of don Quijote made me laugh out loud twice. I maintain that it's a damn hilarious book when I can tell what the Hell is going on. *nod* Besides, my prof thinks I'm smart.

And quick note to please not be too quick to take offense at this comic... the people being mocked are those that too closely resemble in mannerisms the scary woman having a spazz in the corresponding 6x9 College strip. *decisive nod* Besides, we wouldn't mock our readers. That would be silly. And mean. And we're entirely too fond of you all for that.


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