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Crossover with 6x9 College!
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 the artist's box

chapter 2- after effects

Shiny-happy-dancy news! Betsy-sama's computer is back! The universe can now return to its usual sense of balance and stability *snerk*

Me? I should be doing homework right now. But realized at closer to the last moment than I'm comfortable with that there was a comic to be updated. (Let's all be relieved Betsy-sama takes over again muy pronto). 'Course trying to do homework right now would probably involve sitting in the lounge WITH my homework and talking to the 6 other girls on the floor that are avoiding THEIR homework right now.

And I have nothing else remotely productive to say right now. So I make with the quiet, and you make with the going and reading 6x9 College's update. Weeeeeh!


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