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Crossover with 6x9 College!
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chapter 2- after effects

This is my last day on update-patrol for the time being, as Betsy-sama and her shiny-functioning computer (whose harddrive they DIDN'T have to wipe *cries tears of happiness*) will be taking over once again come monday's update. *takes a bow* I'll thus make with the disappearing back into my corner to color pages and be productive once again.

This also (in case the "End!" at the bottom of the page didn't tip you off) marks the last day of the delicious UC-6x9 College crossover of Doomy goodness. *dances* (though we, of UC, have another post-wrapup-wrapuppy.... thingy.... on monday--we weren't going to, but it begged to be done...). Hoping people enjoyed our little adventure, and that it wasn't just fun-entertaining-woooh-ness in our own heads (hey, it happens and we all know it). *nodnod*

(edit): forgot to mention the true wonderfulness of today's update! 'tis half drawn by me and half drawn by 10er of 6x9 College! I put the colors in, and he did the wordbubbles, and it is a wonderful hybrid bastard-child of our two comics! Weeh! (and in case the differences in our artistic styles aren't as obvious as I think they are, he drew Author-sama and Artist-chan, and I drew him and Amber)


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